2012 African VAImpact Awards

African VAImpact Awards is an excellence and innovation in Virtual Assistance/Virtual Business industry, which is a confirmation of quality bestowed by peers in the field, and recognized internationally by clients and management. African VAImpact endorses all the hard work put into a VA business creation, development and management. African VAImpact is the Africa most recognized awards competitions honoring excellence in Virtual Assistance/Virtual Business

Being selected as a African VAImpact Winner presents a great opportunity to create buzz in the media and throughout your industry, bringing you front and center among potential clients and partners.

The African VAImpact awards is an annual outstanding ovation awards in different categories awarded to Virtual Assistants, Virtual Business Professional and business partners who have achieved and demonstrated high standards of business excellence, creativity and professional business practice and constantly promoting Virtual Assistant/Virtual Business Industry in Africa.

Virtual Assistance/Virtual Business is a relative new business concept growing rapidly and gaining foothold and attention in Africa. In other to keep promoting VA industry in Africa, African VAImpact awards focus on encouraging and rewarding Virtual Assistants/Virtual Business in Africa  to keep up their good works and also reward individual or business outside Africa helping to promote or contributing to VA development in Africa.

Application is now open  June 25, 2012 through October 31, 2012


Submit an application today at http://afrivan.org/vaimpact-award

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Unlocking Innovations through Collaboration & Networking.

For one week, millions of people around the world join a growing movement of entrepreneurial people, to generate new ideas and to seek better ways of doing things. Countries across six continents come together to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, an initiative to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity. To think big. To turn their ideas into reality.

Through this initiative, the next generation of entrepreneurs are inspired and can emerge. In doing so, they will begin to acquire the knowledge, skills and networks needed to grow innovative, sustainable enterprises that have a positive impact on their lives, their families and communities by generating new ideas and seeking better ways of doing business.

Entrepreneur Buddy will be joining the world to celebrate “Global Entrepreneurship Week” on November 19, 2011 in Lagos, Nigeria


Theme: Unlocking Innovations through Collaboration & Networking.

Date: November 19, 2011

Venue: 15 Adenuga Street, Ifako-Gbagada, Lagos – Nigeria

Time: 9am-4pm

Event Host: Entrepreneur Buddy

Website: http://entrepreneurbuddy.net
Email: info@entrepreneurbuddy.net
Tel: +0803 428 7302 or (631) 619 5442

Unlocking Innovations through Collaboration & Networking.

What will fuel more innovation is working together like never before, with combined expertise, experience and insights, collaboration and networking is the new and important source of competitive advantage. One way that businesses can develop new ideas is to cultivate relationships with other entrepreneurs, technology expert, finance, corporate, private and government sector.

Entrepreneur Buddy will be hosting a one day event to bring together start-ups, SME, technology experts, IT & ICT and users to explore collaborative ways, technologies and tools that can help unlock innovation for competitive advantage.
We have the talent. We just need to work together.

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Virtual Assistants @ a Glance

What really is a virtual assistant? How do they work? Do we really need a Virtual assistant on a business? Nowadays, there are lots of business men or even an individual that is so busy doing paper works, researching, checking their emails, book keeping and a lot more. They become so busy which they loose a time for their family.

Virtual Assistant is an independent entrepreneur who provides administrative, technical or creative assistance to a client by an office or Home based with the use of internet, phone, fax, file transfer protocol (FTP), and other types of communication. They are there to help you spend much time for your family and loved ones. It is like an extension of yourself through online terms. Virtual assistant is the right person to do all your payment of bills, schedules, correspondence, document filing, data storage, data collection and even your personal researcher. Based on Wikipedia it is estimated that there are a few as 5000 to 8000 or as many as 35,000 virtual assistant worldwide. VA’s used the most advance means of communication and the most effective and time saving office product and work delivery regardless of geographical boundaries.

A virtual assistance is cost effective because you don’t have to rent office space to accommodate her and you don’t have to buy a computer or desk for her to work. They also help your business to make more money by acting a marketing assistant. He/she will take you inbound customer calls or make outbound telemarketing calls. VA’s can also search for leads so you will just follow up with the hot ones. A virtual Assistant is highly trained to serve each valued customer as partner of their business.

Virtual assistant is the answer for the savviest of the savvy when it comes to operating on a low budget and using technologies to their advantage. If what you are doing right now caused you stress, being overworked, unorganized and lack of family bonding then its time to reach out a support. Many tasks that you have done could be done at a lesser cost if outsourced such as reduce your labor cost, be more productive and profitable. Think About it, virtual assistance is the solution to your economic woes and a stress reliever. So what are you waiting for get a virtual assistant now and do time for bonding with your family.


Virtual Assistant

By: Johnv

Difference between Online Project Management Software and Offline Project Management Software

Online Project Management Software is the collection of details, programs and information that is used to execute various phases of a project and that is available on the Internet. Project management includes processes such as scheduling, calculating, building time-sheets, managing resources, controlling documents etc. Each of these alters can be controlled through project management software. The services of collaboration software can help your team collaboration and it stay on task, remain on budget and succeed at your project. Effective online project management software supports your company and handles the complex projects without delays. It also lets you collaborate with project resources, analyze risks, assign tasks, coordinate schedules and make your project accomplish and successful at anytime from anywhere in the world. Web based Project Management Software for your clients are easy and comfortable to track project state and progress online anytime, anywhere. You can also see nearest milestones and review, comments of project deliverables online at any accessible and convenient moment. Project Management Software for project manager is one centralize storage to accumulate all projects in an organized manner. Project manager can easily link to tasks, pages, discussions and results. Online project management facilitates and analyzes the process needed to get your project done on time.

Offline Project Management is a transversal as well as a vertical activity. It has different items, such as mass storage or visualization that are flourished according to the user requirement and condition by few experts and that are seen as internal offline activities. The natural and clear distribution of the offline project is characterized the main concentrate on framework development, central co-ordination and release control distribution. In offline, the group develops the global infra-structure and the agents of the different projects will examine on the software of the project. It finds and coordinates the necessary resources within the project to meet the agreed milestones. It provides front line support for off-line users in the project and filters trivial problems, and reporting to the others of offline project.

The main difference between Online and Offline Project Management is that work being done does not require an active internet connection full-time. In Online Project Management, you work online through Internet Connection and in Offline Project Management; you work offline without using Internet Connection. Many companies and individuals outsource have offline data because of its capability in cutting costs and the time they desire to accomplish their task. Workers who work on these projects accommodates quality work, work under no supervision and delivers work on agreed time. Offline entails entering raw data into the spreadsheet, database management program according to specification without utilizing the internet. As there are many types of employers including those from educational institutions, financial and accounting etc. To accomplish this goal, the offline project needs a different management structure from the other projects. The structure of online and offline project management software is totally different and both are contrary in their use.

Sharon Williams


Full Name: Sharon Williams

Business Name: OIVAC & Global VA Week

Business Websites: http://www.oivac.com

Location & Country: Maryland, USA

Sharon brings 25+ years of administrative, marketing and business management experience to her numerous ventures and diverse clientele. She holds a Bachelors of Art degree in Business Management with a minor in Labor Relations. Sharon worked as an Executive Secretary and was promoted to Program Compliance Officer for a local government agency, until she was laid off in 1989. She opened her business in November 1990, specializing in digital dictation and transcription services. Her passion is marketing and event coordination and she has coordinated several 5000+ attendee events, golf tournaments and galas, including a 2008 unofficial Presidents Ball for US President Barack Obama. She is the inaugural winner of the Thomas Leonard Virtual Assistant of Distinction Award and holds several certifications, including Master Virtual Assistant, Professional Author’s Assistant, and Social Marketing Specialist. She has written three publications, Marketing Your VA Practice, Nuts & Bolts of Branding, and Racism in State Government. Her expert team of internationally-based Virtual Assistants handles the responsibilities busy and often overwhelmed executives and entrepreneurs dislike or lack time to complete. The company is open 24/7, always reachable and willing to help.


  • Your current or past contribution to the Virtual Assistant industry in Africa

Sharon is an active advocate for the global virtual assistant industry and has promoted the industry worldwide. She is the founder of Global VA Week, the first weeklong intercontinental celebration of the industry. VAs from across Africa planned and participated in the 1st annual countywide-sponsored celebration. In addition, she is the founder of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention, the global training, networking and mentoring event of which representatives of the African VA community are members of the international steering committee. Sharon is always available to assist VAs that contacts her for mentoring and/or to respond to questions about running a successful practice.


  • Why do you think you deserve this award?

I have advocated for and supported the VA industry since its inception and been in the forefront of educating the global business community about professional virtual assistants. I continue to strongly support VAs (individually and collectively) with mentoring and training, and respond to all requests for interviews, clarification and support. During the past 20 years, I have been an innovative thinker, helping to build practices for aspiring, newbies and seasoned entrepreneurs, alike. It is my goal to continue to grow and strengthen the VA industry as well as provide exposure and acceptance of the industry and our professionalism across borders. This award will add to my personal and professional creditability, which will assist in opening business and media doors to communicate our message across all platforms.

  • How do you balance career, personal and family life?

Sometimes I wonder myself! I spend many hours growing my business and developing and supporting my multi-VA team. During non-work hours and select weekends, I read, walk the dog and spend time with my granddaughter. Often it is difficult to separate work from home life, especially when developing new projects/products, which I develop/host at last 4 per yearly.  However, I take walks and vacation with friends.

  • What is your personal inspirational message to Virtual Assistant in Africa?

I understand that virtual assisting is a nascent industry in Africa, one that many African business owners are still unaware of. Use this to your advantage, as there is unlimited opportunity and potential to make connections and grow your business, locally and internationally. However, you must be prepared for and open to success. My strongest recommendation is to become an expert in your preferred field of choice OR in the “much in demand” services, as Virtual Assisting is no longer ONLY typing documents and transcription. There is a wealth of opportunity to specialize and niche your service offerings, particularly in areas such as social media and marketing support, website and blog updating and maintenance, article writing and submissions, or virtual event management, such as seminars, teleseminars, webinars and conferences.

There are industries searching for qualified virtual assistance support, such as coaching, speakers, realtors, and financial planning, to name a few. Avail yourself of all educational opportunities. Network among various industries and identify their member needs. Share your knowledge and experience. You will be recognized as an expert in your chosen niche, which will allow you to charge what you are worth and live the lifestyle you desire. If you need a role model, look at other VAs in your country that are achieving their goals. Reach out to them and ask for their advice. Now don’t inundate them or attempt to consume all of their time. Show initiative and join VA groups or save funds to enroll in a training program. Most important, don’t give up. Success may not happen overnight, but when the opportunity comes you MUST be prepared. Take charge of your destiny, be prepared and step through that door when it opens. I invite you to join the Alliance for Virtual Businesses and contact me personally if I can be of assistance.